Trigger warning

Trigger warnings (also known as TWs) are to be used on pages deemed likely to trigger readers. If you think any part of an article is triggering, either discuss it on the discussion page, add one of the following templates, and/or contact the admins.


If you write or read an article that you think is triggering but has not been presented with a trigger warning use the trigger warning template. This is done by adding {{TW}} or {{TW|high}} (as appropriate) to the top of the article. If only a section of the article is likely to be triggering use {{TW|section}} to mark just that section with a warning. If more than one section requires a trigger warning consider tagging the whole article as such.


In the case of outgoing links a small TW is useful. This can be done by wrapping the trigger warning link template around them: {{twl|[ SJWiki]}}, which creates SJWiki[tw], to indicate they might be triggering.

Removing trigger warnings

Do not remove any TWs. If you believe it has been placed there mistakenly, leave a comment on the article's discussion page.

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