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A good summary of our ethos.

Please read the rules carefully. If you think any of these rules are being broken, please contact an admin.

No single rule contravention is worthy of being banned because each case is different. However, creating an account in order to post profanities about somebody, mock the admins, or spam is worthy of having your editing privileges revoked.

General conduct

  • No posting of users' personal information.
  • No bullying.
  • No vandalism.
  • No spam.

Editing policy

  • Do not edit other users' personal pages (unless it is their discussion page).
  • Do not engage in edit wars.
  • Do not blank or delete pages without discussing it with an(other) admin.
  • Do not copy-paste sections or articles from the sandbox to the main namespace and vice versa. This affects our ability to correctly and easily determine the ownership of the text. If you need help moving or merging articles in order to retain correct attribution contact an admin.

Article contents

  • Do not plagiarise. Do not copy paste from others' writings without giving credit.
  • Follow the writing guidelines as closely as possible.
  • Do not post (in)jokes, sarcasm, or any kind of silliness in a main space article. We like silliness, so we created the Silly namespace so we can enjoy (in)jokes without confusing newbies. So if you want to create an acerbic and/or funny article on privilege create Silly:Privilege (e.g., if you want to mock people who just don't get it).
  • Do not post unfinished or empty articles/sections in the main namespace, use the sandbox namespace instead.
  • Avoid linking to Wikipedia. Wikipedia is already at the top for most search engine results.

Trigger warnings

  • Add trigger warnings to articles and outgoing links that could be potentially triggering, see more details on our policy on trigger warnings.
  • Do not remove trigger warnings without discussing it with an(other) admin.

Discussion pages

  • Always sign your name after your comments. Use the four tildes ~~~~ wiki syntax (or the signature button signature button in the toolbar above the editing textbox).
  • Always start a new discussion topic at the bottom of the page (with a ==Level 2 heading==).
  • Always indent replies to other users with the appropriate amount of colons (:) at the beginning of the line.

Uploading files

  • Do not upload copyrighted material.
  • Do not upload fair use files without properly filling in the {{Fair use}} template; wrongly filled in licenses need to be discovered by hand, missing licenses are here.

Copyrights and licensing