Outing is the act of publicly or privately disclosing an individual's gender or orientation without that individual's knowledge or consent.[1] Outing an individual without their permission can have repercussions for that individual personally, economically, and socially, as well as being a violation of their privacy.

"Outing" is different from an individual who is closeted, coming out of the closet or is partially in the closet for safety.


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Outing a person's self-identity is the most damaging form of outing when their identity is situated on one or more axes of oppression.

Other forms

However, in situations in which individuals may be harming others, have the intent to harm others, or have previously harmed others, such as pedophilia, domestic violence, bullying, etc., outing may be necessary.

This form of outing more akin to whistle-blowing, in that it is done with the goal of protecting people and dismantling oppressive systems.

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