In the same way children practise for more complicated tasks through play, we learn by testing out our ideas in the sandbox.

Sandbox in software development[wp] means a place to test things out before rolling them out wholesale. So by the same token, the sandbox namespace is what we use to keep our drafts and unfinished articles. Wikis made with Mediawiki come with two sandboxes, we have a third — you can use any of the following:

  • Your own personal sandbox. You can create infinite sandboxes by appending subdirectories to your personal page. This is good for testing more private ideas. Here's one to get you started.
  • The wiki's central sandbox. A general sandbox for testing things.
  • The sandbox namespace. Keep reading as to how to use this, this is the recommended sandbox area for new articles.

During lockdown, new members are only allowed to create and edit articles in the sandbox namespace. But as a general rule of thumb, you might as well start articles with the "Sandbox:" prefix, especially if you are not sure you will have them polished enough for the main namespace. Keep reading if you do not know what this means yet.

Creating a new article

Say you want to create an article on misogynoir. The first thing to do is use the search box in the top right corner to check and see nobody else has started one already. This can obviously have two outcomes, either somebody has or they have not. For this section we will assume they haven't. So you get bonus points for thinking of something new to add.

Obviously, you now want to start creating the proposed content for misogynoir. So you prefix "Sandbox:" onto the article name, giving you the URL That's it! Just click that and you are ready to start writing your article!

Bear in mind our writing guidelines. And soon a sysop will pop round to check on your work, especially if the wiki is in lockdown mode.

Adding to an existing article

What if instead of a new article, you wanted to improve an existing article? So you searched for misogynoir, and you discovered it existed but was unclear, lacking in references, etc. In other words not matching our standards. There are two options, either you create a new article in the sandbox with the same name, just like above and include only the new things you want to add or you copy paste the mainspace article (i.e., the one not in the sandbox) into the sandbox and add to it. This is completely up to you.

If you choose to copy paste an existing article into the sandbox version, e.g., you want to add to intersectionality in various different places not just a new section. Click on the "View source" tab on the top right (below search) and copy paste that into Sandbox:Intersectionality. Click save to check you have copied it over correctly. And then edit away.