The genderqueer pride flag.
Hida Viloria is a genderqueer intersex rights activist.[1][2]

Genderqueer (GQ) is an umbrella term for non-binary gender identities, as well as an identity in its own right. As an umbrella, it includes identities such as: bigender, agender, third gender, genderfluid, and many more.

Some genderqueer people also identify as transgender;[3] other genderqueer people reject that identification because they see "transgender" as a binary term. Notwithstanding, the transgender umbrella includes anybody who does not identify with the gender they were coerced into at birth, i.e., anybody who is not cis.

Complementing definitions

Genderqueer is a term that may be used to describe those with non-normative gender, either as an umbrella term or a stand-alone identity, typically encompassing those who are in one, or more, of these six categories:
  1. both man and woman (example: androgyne)
  2. neither man nor woman (agender, neutrois, non-gendered)
  3. moving between two or more genders (gender fluid)
  4. third gendered or other-gendered (includes those who prefer “genderqueer” or “non-binary” to describe their gender without labeling it otherwise)
  5. having an overlap or blur of gender and orientation and/or sex (girlfags and guydykes)
  6. those who “queer” gender, in presentation or otherwise, who may or may not see themselves as non-binary or having a gender that is queer; this category may also include those who are consciously political or radical in their understanding of being genderqueer[4]

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